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By Richard Olsson, Rob Bateman

If you're an ActionScript developer or fashion designer and also you want to paintings with 3D in Flash, this ebook is for you. you are going to examine the middle Flash 3D ideas, utilizing the open resource Away3D engine as a chief instrument. after you have mastered those talents, it is possible for you to to achieve the probabilities that the on hand Flash 3D engines, languages, and applied sciences need to give you with Flash and 3D.

  • Describes 3D recommendations in thought and their implementation utilizing Away3D
  • Dives correct in to teach readers easy methods to quick create an interactive, lively 3D scene, and builds on that have through the e-book
  • Each bankruptcy features a variety of tutorials that target one particular characteristic or team of positive aspects

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Measurement = a hundred; tf3D. best = 20; tf3D. width = six hundred; tf3D. x = -300; tf3D. y = one hundred fifty; _view. scene. addChild(tf3D); Now, we will be able to practice an extrusion to our created Textfield3D example by means of including the subsequent code to the tip of the _createScene() technique. the additional geometry for the extrusion is created inside of its personal mesh item that should be additional to the scene individually to be seen within the view: var extrusion : TextExtrusion = new TextExtrusion(tf3D); extrusion. bothsides = real; _view. scene. addChild(extrusion); the cloth used for the TextExtrusion item is inherited from the originating 3D textual content box handed within the category undefined, even though it is usually set utilizing the fabric estate of the extrusion mesh. The bothsides estate is decided to precise in an effort to confirm no components of the extruded geometry are got rid of with back-face culling. this is often an unlucky necessity with imported vector textual content, because the external winding values of font glyphs don't have any conference for clockwise as opposed to counterclockwise ordering. Compiling the code will show the output proven in determine 6-9. determine 6-9. Extruded textual content within the ExtrudingTextField3D instance utilizing the TextExtrusion type Warping textual content alongside a direction a last enhancement we'll examine for textual content contains warping a 3D textual content box alongside the axis of a spline curve, utilizing the PathAlignModifier classification present in the away3d. modifers package deal. Technically, this modifier could be utilized to any mesh item, yet as a consequence the influence produced is the same to the “text on a course” function that exists in lots of pix purposes. a hundred and forty VECTOR SHAPES AND textual content IN 3D A spline in 3D is a set of Bézier curves that meet up to shape a continuing abnormal curve via area. In Away3D, a spline is outlined utilizing the trail category present in the away3d. middle. geom package deal. mixed with this classification, the PathAlignModifier category can produce many various warping results equivalent to textual content wrapped round a circle or twisted in a spiral. to illustrate how the PathAlignModifier type works, let’s create an instance that warps a textual content box alongside a rollercoaster-like course by way of extending the Chapter06SampleBase classification with the subsequent record category definition: package deal flash3dbook. ch06 { import away3d. center. base. *; import away3d. center. geom. *; import away3d. middle. math. *; import away3d. modifiers. *; import away3d. primitives. *; import flash. occasions. *; import flash. utils. *; import wumedia. vector. *; [SWF(width="800", height="600")] public classification WarpingTextField3D extends Chapter06SampleBase { [Embed(source=".. /.. /.. /assets/ch06/verdana. swf", mimeType="application/octet-stream")] inner most var VerdanaSwf : type; inner most deepest deepest inner most var var var var _pathAlignModifier : PathAlignModifer; _maxOffset : quantity; _offset : quantity = zero; _speed : int = 10; safe override functionality _createScene() : void { } } } As with the former examples, we begin through embedding our font SWF dossier within the worldwide classification estate VerdanaSwf and upload a couple of international variables for use in next interactions.

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